How do I train?

Aikido training is shaped by its philosophy of harmony and blending. There are no competitions in Aikido. Practice focuses on the development of technical skills and awareness through repetition of techniques in a controlled environment to master the fundamentals of moving, timing and breathing. It is our objective to help you build a firm foundation in these fundamentals. This is done through both gentle and strenuous exercises.

Most practice is done with a partner; each works at his or her own level, alternating the roles of Uke (attacker) and Nage (defender). Each role is examined to develop sensitivity and control. Wooden practice weapons - sword (bokken), staff (jo) and knife (tanto) - are used in training to better understand open hand movements. The final aim of our training is the development of an integrated mind and body - a Centered Person - who displays a confident and relaxed posture, can think clearly and calmly in moments of stress and conflict and react with the appropriate amount of force.


Torrence Dutcher