What are the requirements?

The study of Aikido is open to any who would pursue it with sincerity. There are no absolute physical requirements, but routine practice will gradually allow you to participate in more vigorous techniques. Neither is any previous training in any martial art needed to begin. There is no scheduled curriculum; beginners will study along with the rest of the class, receiving instruction appropriate to their capacity.

Visitors are always welcome. We request that visitors watch a class before participating in order to confirm their interest for themselves.

  • Fitness sufficient for moderate, sustained activity. Strength, flexibility and coordination will enhance the practice of Aikido, but these qualities will be improved through training.
  • Suitable clothing. Athletic clothing may be worn at first. Regular practice should be conducted in a dogi. Dogi for Aikido or Judo are acceptable. After the initial kyu test is passed, a hakama (pleated traditional pants) should be worn.
  • Payment of the dojo fee. The dojo fee is $40 ($20 for youth) and is due at the beginning of each month. The fee allows participation in as many classes as desired, as long as the practitioner meets class requirements.
  • Waiver of Liability. Aikido is relatively safe but it is a martial art. Participants must acknowledge the possibility of injury.
  • Training tools. Aikido uses the bokken (wooden sword), jo (short staff), knife (tanto) and shinai (bamboo sword) to reinforce the principles learned in open-hand techniques. A limited number of these tools are available in the dojo for general use. Serious students will eventually acquire their own personal tools.
Torrence Dutcher